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Writing for Children and Teens

Authors:Cynthea Liu
Published on: 2008-01-01
Publisher: Pivotal Publishing
Pages: 128
ISBN13: 9781605301143
Category:Language Arts and Disciplines
Books Rating: 1.01

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Nowhere will you find a more comprehensive, current, and detailed writing course designed specifically for writing children and teen books, written by an author who is in the field today. WRITING FOR CHILDREN AND TEENS: A CRASH COURSE is a ten-step course that relays all the nitty-gritty details of the business, beginning with how to evaluate your book idea all the way to pitching your book to editors and agents. Within each step, you’ll find clear and specific information covering topics such as the children’s book market, manuscript format, revision tips, finding the right agent or publisher, submission etiquette, and common faux pas writers make. This book will even tell you what kind of paper you should use and exactly how you should write your letters to editors and agents. Bonus materials include templates for all of your submission needs as well as examples of real-life editorial letters sent to authors from editors today. You will get a complete inside peak to the children’s fiction writing market for those who want to write picture books, easy readers, chapter books, and middle grade or teen novels.

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